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Discover the hidden beauty of Tasmania’s skies: the elusive aurora australis. The Aurora Chaser’s Handbook is both a how-to guide and a keepsake. Alongside the science and lore of auroras, the beautiful updated edition features new breathtaking imagery of Tasmania’s aurora-lit skies by some of our most talented photographers as well as everything you need to know to become an aurora chaser yourself.

About The Book


In The Aurora Chaser’s Handbook: in Pursuit of the Southern Lights, our scientists and photographers answer all those pesky questions so vital to catching an aurora in Tasmania:

  • “Why do auroras occur?
  • When can I see one?
  • What can I expect to see?
  • Where should I go?
  • How can I photograph an aurora?”

Both a how-to guide and a keepsake, this 96-page revised edition features new breathtaking imagery from 53 of Australia’s most talented photographers.

The 2022 revised edition of The Aurora Chaser’s Handbook is available now for $40 (plus postage/handling).

Margaret Sonnemann started a Facebook group hoping to ensure that she
never missed another display of the aurora australis. What she didn’t expect
was to become part of an adventurous, rapidly growing community of “aurora chasers”.

You may want to join the Facebook Page Aurora Australis Tasmania

Book Contents Include:

Anyone can catch an aurora
Traditional stories & history
Aurora science
Auroral forms ( includes subauroral forms!)
How to chase an Aurora
Substorms and the lifecycle of an aurora
Predicting auroral activity
Getting the shot (photographing auroras)
Finishing touch (post-processing)

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